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Florida Lure Makers
A Comprehensive Guide to Old & Antique Florida Lures

The State of Florida was home to a large number of lure makers. Some were big commercial enterprises. Others were backyard craftsmen who were making lures only for themselves and friends to fish with. From large to small, the Florida lure makers produced a multitude of colorful and distinctive classics.

These are some of the Florida lure makers that I collect. As you click on the thumbnail pictures below a small window will open to illustrate some of the maker's work. Some will also include a link to a detailed page that will illustrate more of that company's lures along with some historical information about the maker. I will be adding more of these detailed pages over time, so check back often to see what is new.

I am always interested in adding to this collection. Please send an email if you have any old or antique Florida lures or boxes for sale or trade.

Click on the thumbnail pictures below to see a larger image
The Alcoe Lure Company was named after its owner Al Coe. His Magic Minnow was made of wood and had a rubber fin and tail.

Alcoe Lure Company
Alko Company
St. Petersburg, Florida - 1956
The Trigger Lure has a hook that was concealed until a fish struck the bait, when it would snap out of the plastic lure body. The two piece box also served as a mailer.
Alko Company
Anglers Bait Company was organized and operated by Paul Manon. It was the forerunner of both Dazzy Vance Tackle and Tampa Bait and Tackle Company. The lure shown here is the Anglers Bait Company Fingerling
Arthur Lures
Orlando, Florida
Shown here is an Arthur top water lure and a darter. Lures made by Arthur were sometimes marked with the maker's name and were sometimes not marked at all.
B. & B. Bait Company
Tampa, Florida - 1930's
Lures made by B. & B. Bait Company are shaped like a small Dalton Special and have large tack eyes.
BBB Bait Company
Tampa, Florida
Nearly nothing is known about the BBB Bait Company. All of the lure models they made have been found in the frog spot paint pattern seen here.
Jim Bagley Bait Company
Winter Haven, Florida - 1950's - 1980's
Jim Bagley started in the pork rind business in the 1950's before he began building balsa baits that bass fisherman have been using for over thirty years. I am not a Bagley collector, but it's nice to have a few on hand other than the ones I still carry in my tackle box.
Bender Fishing Tackle Mfg. Co.
Pinellas Park, Florida - 1940's

Click here for more pictures and additional
information about Bender Fishing Tackle
Albert Bender and E.C. Flynn partnered to produce some of the prettiest baits made in Florida.
Blue Spring Bait Mfg. Co.
Marianna, Florida - 1952 Patent

Click here for more pictures and additional
information about Blue Spring Bait Company
The Blue Spring lures are among my favorites, as they were made in my hometown of Marianna, Florida.
R.N. "Bogie" Bodenstein
Madison, Florida - 1940's - 1950's
Bogie Bodenstein made a variety of pork rinds designed to be used with his Bakon Gitter hook shown here.
Boone Bait Company
Winter Park, Florida - 1950's - 1970's
Boone Bait Company began in 1953 and some of its products are still available today.
Daniel Webster Borum
St. Augustine, Florida - 1920's - 1940's
One of my favorite places to fish saltwater when I lived in Jacksonville, FL was at Vilano Beach on the north side of the St. Augustine inlet. The Borum Shrimp were hand carved by a man who used to operate the old drawbridge that once connected Vilano to St. Augustine.
Dennis Brock
Bonifay, Florida - 1991
A native of my hometown, Marianna, Florida, Dennis Brock made the Jump 'n Jack lures seen here for fishing in the many fine area lakes.
Brooks Marine Supply
Jacksonville, Florida - 1948 Patent
John Goldbach patented the plastic Bubble Dancer lure in 1948. The lure was designed to force air into its hollow body and create bubbles as it was retrieved.
Brown Fish Lure Company
Lake City, Florida - 1950's
E.F. Brown used a small chain connected to hooks inside a rubber worm to fashion the Brown Chain Bait.
Henry Bunta
Shell Point, Florida - 1940's
The hand carved Bunta Trout Bait is shown here.
Jack Burkham - Jack's Baits
Tampa, Florida - 1950's
The Burkham Gar Plug was made in several shapes and colors as seen in these blanks. The lures were sometimes stamped with the Burkham name.
Burney's Manufacturing
Tampa, Florida - 1950's - 1960's
Mercer's Water Turkey lure was made in several sizes and seventeen different colors.
Captain Action Tackle
Sarasota, Florida - 1970's
Captain Action spoons were made in several sizes.
Captivated Lures
Jacksonville, Florida - 1970's
Captivated Lures made several plastic lures. Though not shown here, they also made the motorized Lulu lure.
Charles B. Carr
Panama City, Florida - 1980's - 1990's
Charles Carr was obviously inspired by Eger Bait Company when he made his Crazy Convic baits.
Chase Rod & Tackle
St. Petersburg, Florida - 1950's
Owen Chase bought the Bender Bait Company and manufactured the Potbelly and Dilly lures that were previously made by Bender.
Frank "Frenchy" Chevalier
St. Petersburg, Florida -1920's - 1930's

Click here for more pictures and additional
information about Frank "Frenchy" Chevalier
Frenchy was the first wood lure maker in the St. Petersburg area. Most of his baits were made for salt water fishing.
James E. Clark
St. Petersburg, Florida - 1940 Patent
Though it was not patented until 1940, Charles Clark and his son James were making their famous Clark Spoon in the early 1930's. It is still available today.
Tom Clark
Hampton, Florida - 1970's
Only about one hundred of the Demon Head lures made by Tom Clark were ever sold.
Coast To Coast Tackle
West Palm Beach, Florida
Southern Lures made by Coast to Coast Tackle are often found in Lake City boxes with the Coast to Coast name and address rubber stamped on the top.
Coastal Lures, Inc.
Orange Park, Florida
In 1985 Vernon Andreau of St. Augustine, Florida began testing a revised version of the swimming minnow made many years earlier by Bert Hernandez, Ben Smith, and others. The modern version of the lure was called the Hot Flash. Coastal Lures Hot Flash
Cobb Bait Specialties
Jacksonville, Florida
Cobb's Flutter Tails are a rubber product designed to be used like pork rinds. This is the only fishing product known to be made by the company.
Colt Distributing Company
St. Petersburg, Florida - 1950's
Both of the lures sold by the company, the Bronco and the Pony, were actually made for Colt by Florida Fishing Tackle Company. The Pony lure is shown here.
Though almost nothing is known about the H.B. Costa Bait Company at this time, it is believed that they made lures other than the Costa Hammerhead shown here.
CoTco International
Pompano Beach, Florida
I know nothing about CoTco International and their Blue Angel lures. The wooden bait has been found in several colors. Some have plastic eyes like the one shown here and others have decal eyes. CoTco International Blue Angel
Ben Curry
McIntosh, Florida - 1970's
Ben Curry made wooden lures in a variety of styles and colors.
D-K Plastic Company
New Smyrna Beach, Florida - About 1960
D-K Plastic made a version of the Johnny-Rattler and a darter type lure that were nearly identical to the Rattalure and Marsh Marvel lures made in nearby Daytona Beach by Johnny Marsh.
Bill Daniels
Arcadia, Florida - 1970's
Best known for his Daniel's Deceiver lures, Bill Daniels also made the Ugly Chugger seen here. He also made one of the commemorative lures for the FATC.
Vic Densmore purchased the Jim Pfeffer Company in 1972. With the help of his brother in law Jim Heaberlin, Densmore produced many of the same lure models that Pfeffer had made years earlier. Shown here are a Densmore Goggle Eye and Banana lure.
Jim Pfeffer Lures
The Dixie Bait Company was started in the late 1930's by Richard Porter and was the forerunner of the Porter Bait Company.
Paul Takeshita operated the Do-All Bait Company and manufactured about a half dozen models of wooden lures. He received a patent in 1956 for the Nofulin lure shown in the bottom of this picture.
Don's Baits
Goldenrod, Florida - 1950's - 1970's
Don Boone started The Boone Bait Company in 1953. He left the company in 1957 and started Don's Baits. The company mostly made flys and jigs like the Pot-Gut baits seen here.
Daytona Beach, Florida - 1950's - 1970's
A gentleman named Douglas was making pier baits and selling them on the Daytona Beach pier as early as the 1950's.
Palmer L. Douglas
St. Augustine, Florida - 1940's

Palmer L. Douglas was one of several St. Augustine lure makers, including Bert Hernandez and Ben Smith, making Swimming Minnow lures from plastic in the 1940's.

Eger Bait Company
Bartow, Florida - 1930's - 1960's
William Eger pioneered the use of frog skin as a lure covering. This is an early glass eye Eger Nature Frog.
Bill Ertel
Orlando, Florida - 1940's
This wooden pier bait is the only lure model made by Bill Ertel.
Edward Lewis Evans designed and patented his striker spoon lure in 1922. The patent was secured by The Enterprise Manufacturing Company and the lure was produced as the Pflueger-Evans Self Striker Spoon. Edward L. Evans Pflueger-Evans Self Striker Spoon
Everglades Mfg. Company
Coral Gables, Florida - 1950's
The Okachi line of lures made by this company included the plastic Okachi Spoon and Okachi Sailfish shown here.
Fish Craft Products Co.
Goldenrod, Florida - 1960's
I know nothing about this company and have never seen any other lures than the jigs seen here.
Fish A-Lure Manufacturing Company
Jacksonville, Florida - 1960's

Click here for more pictures and additional
information about Fish A-Lure Manufacturing Company
This company made wooden lures for only a few years in the early 1960's. Baits were packaged in a plastic top cardboard box. Among the officers of the company was Dennis "Junior" Croft, who operated the Blue Spring Bait Manufacturing Company years earlier.
Fishfinder Inc. / Shag Shahid
Ft. Walton Beach, Florida - 1980's
Shag Shahid is widely known as an expert "trick shot" caster. The Shag is the only fishing lure that he made.
Floreo Lures
St. Petersburg, Florida - 1950's
Floreo made a variety of jigs such as the Flowering Floreo jigs seen here.
Florida Artificial Bait Company
St. Augustine, Florida - 1928 - 1930's

Click here for more pictures and additional
information about the Florida Artificial Bait Company
The Superstrike Shrimp was made from the remains of a human power flying machine that crashed after a short flight on the beach at St. Augustine in the late 1920's.
Superstrike Shrimp and box
Florida Casting Bait Company
Seffner, Florida - 1930's
The company began as Uz.Pemberton and Sons. The name was changed in 1930 when a partner was added.
Florida Fishing Tackle Company
St. Petersburg, Florida - 1930's - 1960's
Florida Fishing Tackle Company was the largest bait maker in Florida and offered a complete line of fishing lures and tackle. Early Barracuda Brand lures had glass eyes.
Florida Lakes Tackle Company
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida - 1950's

Click here for more pictures and additional
information about Florida Lakes Tackle Company
The Fin-Wing lure was originally made in Michigan and sold in the Bilmar Tackle Shop run by William Brown. Mr. Brown retired to Florida and made a very small number of Florida Fin-Wing lures.
Florida Lure Mfg. Co.
Garvin Brothers

Eustis, Florida - 1930's
Brothers Judson and Hillary Garvin produced a number of fresh water lures that closely resembled those made by the large national lure makers of the day, such as the injured minnow seen here. They also produced several salt water pier baits of their own design. Garvin Brothers lure Florida lure mfg co Eustis Florida
Florida Shinner Bait Company
Frederick L.B. Flood

Frostproof, Florida - 1931 Patent

Click here for more pictures and additional
information about the F.L.B. Flood Shiner
Frederick Flood's Shinner lure has always been one of my favorites. The lure was made in three sizes.
The Four Tees Bait Company made the banana style Dolphin lure seen here in a variety of colors..
G.I. Products Company
Zephyrhills, Florida - 1941 Patent
Jacob Gall of Punta Gorda secured a patent for his weedless Weed-Runner spoon in 1941. It was manufactured by G.I. Products Company.
G & M Manufacturing
Tampa, Florida
It is unclear if G & M Manufacturing made any tackle product other than fish hooks as shown here.
Garland Brothers
Plant City, Florida - 1930's
Garland Brothers made a variety of wooden lures. The Garland Corkhead shown here is a favorite among collectors.
John Gerey
Orlando, Florida - 1940's - 1950's
Captain John Gerey is best known for his small marm lures shown here. They were designed to be tied in front of lures such as the Doc's Menhaden. Gerey also made a couple models of wooden lures.
Leon Gillespie
Lake Helen, Florida - 1950's
The Lucky Lure made by Gillespie was a hard plastic shrimp and was available in a variety of colors.
George H. Gowdy
St. Petersburg, Florida - 1962 Patent
George Gowdy applied for a patent on his "Whirl-e-Bird" Spoon in 1959 and it was granted in 1962. It is seen here as a promotional item for King Edward cigars.
Gary Gray
Geneva, Florida - 1970's
Gary Gray's lures were clearly inspired by the work of Jim Pfeffer.
E.C. Gregg
Tampa, Florida - 1940's
The Crazy Swimmer was a metal spoon with maribou decoration. It was made in several colors and sold in a two piece box.
Earl Gresh
St. Petersburg, Florida - 1950's
Earl Gresh was well known as a band leader, fisherman, and woodworker. He made wood buttons, lures, purses, and tackleboxes in his shop and Wood Parade Museum. He is probably best known for his large marquetry murals depicting the life of Christ.
Sam Griffin Lures
Moore Haven, Florida - 1980's -1990's
Sam Griffin has made many different models of lures over the years including one of the comemmorative lures for the FATC.
Joel C. Griner made just about any style of wooden lure that anyone wanted. Though he was best known for lures similar to the ones made by Jim Pfeffer, he also made lures that resembled many other companies, such as the Heddon Zaragossa type lure seen here.
Jack Haley received a patent for his Spot King lure in 1951. The lure was available in three different colors.
C.A. Hergert
Coral Gabels, Florida - 1950's
C.A. Hergert made his "Famous 'John Aston'" in Pennsylvania before moving to Coral Gables in the mid 1950's. The bucktail and jig lure was sold by mail order and also included in thousands of Navy Survival Kits.
Bert Hernandez
St. Augustine, Florida - 1940's
Bert Hernandez began making Swimming Minnow lures from plastic in the late 1930's. His design was copied by several other St. Augustine lure makers, including Palmer L. Douglas and Ben Smith, who received a patent for a lure that was nearly identical to the Bert Hernandez Swimming Minnow.
Humdinger Lure Mfg. Company
Ocala, Florida - 1940's
The plastic Miss Golddigger lure was designed by JoDell White, who was later associated with Universal Lures.

Red Hutson
Jacksonville, Florida - 1930's - 1940's

The Bus Driver was a wooden pier bait made in several colorful patterns.
J & R Tackle
Largo, Florida - 1959 Patent
The plastic "Jim Bo" lure was packaged in a two piece cardboard box that was also used as a mailer. Jim Bryan operated J&R Tackle and the Star Bait Company. Both companies sold the same lures.
Jaws Bait Company
Otis Brandon

Riverview, Florida - 1970's - 1980's
Otis Brandon operated the Jaws Bait Company and made several styles of lures using hard foam bodies.
Jack J. Kelley / J.J. Lures
Winter Park, Florida - 1960's - 1970's
Many of the wooden lures made by Jack J. Kelley were inspired by the work of Jim Pfeffer. This Kelley Banana bait is very similar to a Jim Pfeffer Banana lure.
Mad Man Charlie Kirk
Orlando, Florida - 1960's
Charlie Kirk operated an Orlando tackle shop called Mad Man Kirk's. The Tumblebug shown here is one of the lures that he made.
John Kremer Inc./ No Alibi Lures
West Palm Beach, Florida - 1950's
The most popular No Alibi lures were lead head jigs made in a variety of sizes for fresh and salt water fishing. John Kremer also made the pier baits shown here. The logo that appeared on most No Alibi packaging was "Allah doesn't count the hours a man spends fishing".
Loop A Line, Inc.
Melbourne, Florida - 1970's
The Deadly Double Eye lure shown here features the "loop a line" attachment which was patented by Welbourne McGahee in 1975.
E.J. Lonn worked as a salesman for the Eger Bait Company before starting his own lure company.
Willard S. Maloney
Miami, Florida - 1980 Patent
This spring loaded spoon lure was sold in Illinois as the Cobra Spoon long before Maloney moved to Miami where he received his patent.
As a young man, Johnny Marsh often helped Richard Porter make lures for the Dixie Bait Company and Porter Bait Company. Years later he made his own lures. The Marsh Marvel is shown here.
Paul Mashburn
South Daytona, Florida - 1950's
The Paul Mashburn Sea Trout was a plastic pier bait. It was made in a variety of colors and packaged in a plastic box.
William C. Maynard
Coral Gables, Florida - early 1930's
William C. Maynard secured two patents which were acquired by The American Fork and Hoe Company. His baits were produced as Al. Foss Super Lures Al. Foss Super Lures
Herbert Mills
Safeth Harbor, Florida - 1950's - 1960's
Herbert Mills produced several plastic lures including the Acrobat shown here. He also made several sizes of the King-Killer spoon.
Miracle Tackle Company
Largo, Florida - 1950's
Robert Moser received a patent in 1958 for what became the "Mo" series of lures. The Little Mo is shown here along with another Miracle Tackle Company lure called the Little Savage.
Merlin Mitchell
Orlando, Florida - 1935 Patent
Merlin Mitchell became good friends with Al Foss when the two were living in Orlando, FL in the 1930's. Mitchell designed and patented the lure shown here, which was made as the Al Foss Sheik by The American Fork and Hoe Company.
Merlin Mitchell Al Foss Sheik
John "Sage" Nickel
Jacksonville, Florida - 1951 Patent
John Sage Nickel received a patent in 1951 for a plastic bodied lure with multi color inserts. A fishermen could use the various body parts and inserts to make over 100 different bait variations.
Nickelure Line, Inc.
Vero Beach, Florida - 1950's - 1960's
Nickelure made many styles of metal spoons and jigs. Most were sold on point of sale display cards like the ones shown here.
Norwich Florida Corporation
St. Augustine, Florida - 1940's - 1950's

Click here for more pictures and additional
information about the Norwich Shrimp
The Norwich Shrimp was a hinged hard plastic lure. It is the same shrimp that was sold by Ben Smith Lures.
Oceanic Tackle Shop
Miami, Florida - 1940's
The Leaping Lena was a wooden bait and was made in a couple of sizes and a variety of colors. The lure was packaged in several different styles of two piece cardboard boxes.
Odon Bait Company
Bradenton, Florida - 1975 Patent
The Odon Dragonfly was designed and patented by Dennis Jacobs, who made his first lure in August 1972. The name is taken from "Odonata", which is the order of insects that includes dragonflys. The lure has a wooden body and flexible rubber wings. According to Jacobs, the first Odon was blue with a green head. It was made in a wide variety of colors after that.
Bob Ousley is best known for his Ousley Snook Minnow. It is shown here along with the large size of the Super Chug lure.
Uz C. Pemberton and Sons
Seffner, Florida - 1927 - 1929
The earliest Pemberton lures were sold in two piece cardboard boxes. The company name was changed in 1930 to The Florida Casting Bait Manufacturing Company.
Jim Pfeffer's beautiful baits were inspirations for many other Florida lure makers. Shown here are a Jim Pfeffer Dilly and Jim Pfeffer Banana along with a paper envelope that was the standard packaging for Jim Pfeffer Baits.
Jim Pfeffer Lures
Al Pflueger
Hallandale, Florida - 1960's - 1970's
Al Pflueger worked in the taxidermy business started by his father. I have many picture postcards of fish mounted by the Pfluegers. The Pflueger Chugger was manufactured by the Pflueger Division of Shakespeare. Al Pflueger was not related to the Pfluegers who began that company.
Reese Platt
Plant City, Florida - 1990's
Contemporary lure maker Reese Platt has made many different lure models.
The Pneuman Shrimp was made of plastic and had a metal plate molded into the head. The body sections were connected by a short bead chain.
Pompanette, Inc.
Hollywood, Florida - 1950's
Pompanette made a variety of tackle products and is probably best known for their gaffs. The company never made any fishing lures.
Porter Bait Company
Daytona Beach, Florida - 1930's - 1990's

Click here for more pictures and additional
information about the Porter Bait Company
Richard Porter operated the Dixie Bait Company before starting Porter Bait Company in the 1930's. Porter produced some of the finest lures ever made in Florida and continued operations until the 1990's.
Horace O. Price
Orlando, Florida - 1940's - 1980's
H.O. Price made many different styles of wood lures. Many have his initials "HOPs" written on the lure. Many others are not marked.
P.H. Rainey
Opa Locka, Florida - 1950's

Click here for more pictures and additional
information about P.H. Rainey lures.
Perry Rainey was making his Rainey's Secret lure for about four years before receiving a patent in 1952.
Rhoden Enterprises
Lake Wales, Florida - 1970's - 1980's
Lew Rhoden acquired production rights to various Eger lures and the Johnny Rattler in the mid-70's. The Johnny Rattler was very similar to the Rattalure made years earlier by Johnny Marsh.
James "Dean" Roane
Winter Park, Florida - 1950's
The earliest Roane lures were covered with foil. Most of the lures made by Roane have a pin prick in the center of the eye.
Robinson Bait Company
Orlando, Florida - 1930's - 1950's

Click here for more pictures and additional
information about Robinson Bait Company
Earl Robinson is generally credited with making a variety of folkart lures before narrowing his focus to only two commercial lure models in the late 1930's.
Preston Rountree
Gainesville, Florida - 1940's - 1970's
Shown here is the Preston Rountree tarpon lure and a shiner bait. The shiner is one of many lures made by Rountree in the style of lures made by Jim Pfeffer.
Royal Fishing Tackle Company
St. Petersburg, Florida - 1953 Patent
The Royal Siren lure was patented in 1953. It was sold in hinged plastic boxes and is shown here in a larger dealer box which held two baits.
S & M Machine Works
Miami, Florida - 1945 Patent
William Schmitz received a patent in 1945 for the trolling spoon seen here. The lure was packaged in a fragile paper envelope.
Frank S. Sams
New Smyrna Beach, Florida - 1908
Frank S. Sams designed and patented a metal spoon in 1908. The Sam's Spoon lure was produced by Edward Vom Hofe of New York. Vom Hofe Sam's Spoon
Sanford Metal Bait Company
Sanford, Florida - 1940's - 1950's
The Doc's Menhaden lure was made from molded aluminum and available plain or painted.
Sealand Manufacturing
St. Petersburg, Florida - 1939 Patent

Click here for more pictures and additional
information about Sealand Manufacturing
Fletcher Bouton obtained a patent for his Weedplane lure in 1939. The metal bait came with a piece of sponge that covered most of the hook to make the lure weedless.
The Smallwood family plays a major role in the history of Chokoloskee, Florida. Stop by the family run Smallwood store museum if you're ever in the area. Ted Smallwood, Jr. designed a fishing lure known as the Smallwood Plug. It was produced for him by the Porter Bait Company.
Ben Smith Lures
St. Augustine, Florida - 1940's - 1950's

Click here for more pictures and additional
information about Ben Smith lures
Ben Smith's best known lure was the shrimp shown here. It is the same shrimp as the one sold by Norwich. Smith received a patent for another plastic shrimp type lure in 1951.
Southern Bait Company
Coral Gables, Florida - 1939 Patent

Clink here for more pictures and additional
information about Southern Bait Company
John Wyatt received a patent for his Tilton Porpoise lure in Georgia in 1939. The patent drawing showed the plastic version, though he originally made a wooden model of the bait.
Mystery surrounds the history of this company. This style of Southern Bait Company box has been found with many different city names such as St. Augustine, Mineola, Birmingham, and others. Many different styles of beautiful baits have been found in these boxes.
Bill Wertz made several styles of wooden lures in Micco, Florida as one of the companies known as The Southern Bait Company.
Southern Bait Company
Ormond, Florida

Click here for more pictures and additional
information about Southern Bait Company
Very little is known about the Southern Bait Company of Ormond, Florida. Their box describes the company as "Manufacturers of Fine Fishing Lures Since 1929" Southern Bait Company Ormond Florida
Southern Lures
Lake City, Florida

Not much is known about this company. Many of their beautiful darters have paint patterns similar to those of the Dixie Bait Company. They also made a glass eye lure similar to the Flood Shinner. This box was later used by Coast to Coast Tackle.

I could use a good upgrade for this box

Star Bait Company
Largo, Florida - 1950's
Jim Bryan operated both Star Bait Company and J&R Tackle. Both sold the same lures. The cardboard box also served as a lure mailer.
Louis Stewart
Orlando, Florida - 1950's - 1970's
The influence of Louis Stewart's good friend Jim Pfeffer can often be seen in the colorful lures that he made.
Jim Strader
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida - 1973 Patent
Captain Jim Strader received a patent in 1973 for the Diamond Rattler seen here.
Sure Lure, Inc.
Miami, Florida - 1952
The Shrimpy lure was made of vinyl and came in three different colors.
Tampa Bait and Tackle was formed after Dazzy Vance Tackle closed following the death of Paul Manon. They made versions of several of the lures made earlier by Anglers Bait Company and Dazzy Vance Tackle.
Walter Tedder
Orlando, Florida - 1960's - 1980's
Walter Tedder used the leftover wooden bodies from the Robinson Bait Company to make many of his lures.
Tradewinds Tackle
West Palm Beach, Florida
I know nothing about this company or the lures they made other than what is shown on this point of sale card. The Tiny Tim jigs seen here are noted as a "Speck Special" and were likely made in the 1950's.
Trail-Blaze Company
Jacksonville, Florida - 1956 Patent
Robert Fuqua received a patent for the Eagle Eye lure in 1956. The lure was manufactured for him by Florida Fishing Tackle Company.
Tycoon Tackle
Miami, Florida
Best known for their big game rods and reels, Tycoon Tackle's only lure was the Tycoon Spoon. Only a couple hundred were manufactured and 5" was the only size. Tycoon Tackle - Tycoon Spoon
Unca Hub's Enterprises
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida - 1950's
Unca Hub's Doofer was a wooden surface bait with a very odd name.
Charlie Edwards made a line of lures that was clearly inspired by the work of Jim Pfeffer. Most of the Uncle Charlie baits will have some variation of his name marked on the side.
Uncle Simm's Bait Company
Lakeland, Florida - 1970's
Simmy Fletcher started making lures to fish with and ended up selling them commercially for a couple of years.
Universal Lures
Jacksonville, Florida - 1960's
The plastic Pistolball and Bootlegger lures were designed by JoDell White, who also designed the Miss Golddigger lure.
Unknown Maker
Tampa, Florida
The maker of this banana type lure is not known. The bait is commonly known as a Pelican lure.
Dazzy Vance & Company
Homosassa Springs, Florida - 1937

Click here for more pictures and additional
information about Dazzy Vance & Company
Famous Dodger baseball pitcher Dazzy Vance financed a short lived lure making partnership with Paul Manon that ended when Manon was killed in an automobile accident. See Anglers Bait Company for information about Manon.
Pat Woodall Specialties
Orlando, Florida - 1950's - 1960's

Click here for more pictures and additional
information about Pat Woodall Specialties
Pat Woodall acquired the rights to produce certain Jim Pfeffer lures. He made a series of Pfeffer Banana lures in plastic and also made wooden Jim Pffefer Shiner baits like the one shown here.
Jim Pfeffer Lures
Woolfie Lure Company
Miami Beach, Florida - 1956 Patents
Ernest Woolf patented a couple different shrimp lures in the 1950's. The baits had lead heads and rubber bodies that were made using hair curlers that were popular at that time.
York Sports Products, Inc.
Sanford, Florida - 1960's - 1970's
York Sports Products acquired production rights to several Eger lures as well as the Johnny Rattler lure shown here. The Johnny Rattler was very similar to the Rattalure made by Johnny Marsh.

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