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Frederick L.B. Flood
Frostproof, Florida

The Circling Minnow That Attracts Large Fish

Polk County, Florida produces more citrus fruit than anywhere else in the country. Fred Flood farmed fruit in Frostproof, a Polk County town that got its name after its fruit trees survived winter freezes in the late 1800's. The town was not always so lucky. Its name was changed to Lakemont after a partcularly harsh winter, because residents thought the Frostproof name was not honest. The name was soon changed back and the small town of Frostproof, Florida is alive and well today..

Frederick Flood is seen standing in his orange grove in this 1929 photograph. A story written in a fruit growers publication that same year described the roadside fruit stand that Flood operated at the edge of his grove. The roadside fruit stand , particularly one that has for a background a beautiful grove of fruit laden trees, is quite likely to attract the eye of the passing motorist. That is why Mr. Flood has found that a small retail trade in fruit to passing motorists (Mr. Flood's home and grove is on Highway No. 8 running between Haines City and Fort Pierce) is a paying proposition and helps quite a little in meeting fertilizing and cultivation bills.

Fruit was not the only thing Flood sold at his roadside stand. He also sold a fishing lure, which he designed and patented. Hand carved and hand painted, the Flood Florida Shiner is one of the truly classic early Florida lures. Interestingly, the bait name is mis-spelled as "Shinner" on the box and paperwork.

The Flood Florida Shinner was made in three sizes and several paint patterns. The line tie was on the side(s) of the lure and the bait was retrieved in a circular direction. The Florida Shiner was particularly well suited for an old style of fishing known as doodle socking, in which a long pole would be used to doodle a bait back and forth in a figure eight motion.

Frederick Flood

F.L.B. Flood Patent Drawing In 1928 Fred L.B. Flood of Frostproof, Florida applied for a patent for a fish bait. An illustration from his application is seen here. A patent was granted in 1931.

Some of the early Flood Florida Shinner lures
have Pat. Appld For stamped on the side.

Flood Patent Applied For

Frederick L.B. Flood Florida Shinner
F.L.B. Flood Florida Shinner F.L.B. Flood Florida Shinner
F.L.B. Flood Florida Shinner F.L.B. Flood Florida Shinner

Flood Florida Shinner lure Box The Frederick L.B. Flood Florida Shinner lure was packaged in a two piece cardboard box. Fold out paperwork in the box had instructions for How To Use The Florida Shinner Flood Florida Shinner lure paperwork

We are always interested in adding to this collection. Please send an email if you have any old Flood lures or boxes for sale or trade.
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