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Paul Manon & Anglers Bait Company
Orlando , Florida

Paul Manon formed Anglers Bait Company in Orlando, Florida sometime in the early 1930's. Information about the company and their products became much more clear when a brochure turned up a couple of years ago. According to the paperwork the Anglers Bait Company consists of a band of anglers in association to manufacture and distribute what they have found to be the finest bait that money can the habitat of some of the best anglers on earth. Some of these fishermen together with exceptionally fine workmen are with the A.B.C.

The Anglers Bait Company brochure illustrated five different lures, each of which was described as An exclusive A.B.C. Product. Baits included The Seahopper, The Pretty Damn Quick 7, The Pendulum No. 2000, The Angle Minnow, and The Fingerling.

Paul Manon's Anglers Bait Company

Angler Bait Company box I had owned an empty box for Anglers Bait Company for some time, but did not know what lure went with the box. The end panel is marked for a Fingerling 4-2 lure.

Anglers Bait Company Seahopper The Anglers Bait Company brochure solved the mystery of what a Fingerling 4-2 lure looks like. It is very much like the No. 1 Seahopper, but the Fingerling has props at each end and the line tie has been moved to the nose of the bait. Anglers Bait Company Fingerling

I have since been fortunate to find an example of the Fingerling 4-2 lure to go with the box. I am fairly certain that this lure was repainted a very long time ago. It is what it is, but I am happy to have it. Anglesr Bait Company Fingerling

Paul Manon formed a business relationship with baseball pitcher Dazzy Vance in the mid 1930's and made some of these same lures under the Dazzy Vance name. The business eventually became Tampa Bait and Tackle Company.

We are always interested in adding to this collection. Please send an email if you have any old Anglers Bait Company lures or boxes for sale or trade.
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