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E.J. Lonn "Dandy" Lures
Tampa, Florida

E.J. Lonn had been in the fishing tackle business for years before he started selling his own line of "Dandy" lures. In the 1930's he was Florida Sales Manager for Eger Bait Company, of Bartow, Florida.

Fishing tackle manufacturing was interrupted in the 1940's by the war. E.J. Lonn was an independent manufacturer's representative in 1943. This is a letter he wrote to a tackle company seeking to represent their products. He said when this war is over I sure want to represent you and I promise to sell a terrific lot of your bait. Please let me assure you that I sell more bait and fishing tackle than anyone in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and the Carolinas, and I will be pleased to represent you and I promise you the volume of business as a result..."

Whether Lonn ended up selling their products is not certain. What is known is that he began selling his own line of lures in the late 1940's.
E.J. Lonn Letterhead

E.J. Lonn Dandy card

E.J. Lonn Dandy Surprise Minnow

Rather than manufacture them himself, Lonn had lures produced by the Florida Fishing Tackle Company of St. Petersburg, FL. Dandy lures are pretty much the same as Florida Fishing Tackle Barracuda brand lures, except that they were painted in different colors, and they had carved eyes.

Some Barracuda Brand lures were made with raised eyes also, so it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the lures based on eye type.
The lures shown here are part of our collection. Click on the thumbnail pictures to see a larger image

Dandy Pier Baits
E.J.Lonn Dandy Pier Bait E.J. Lonn Dandy pier bait
Styled after Eger Wiggletail pier bait Styled after Barracuda Brand May Wes pier bait

Dandy Lures
Lonn Dandy Reyhu Lonn Dandy Slim Jim Lonn Dandy Topper
Lonn Dandy lures styled after Barracuda Reyhu, Barracuda Skinny Cuda, and Barracuda Topper

We are always interested in adding to this collection. Please send an email if you have any old Dandy baits for sale or trade.
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