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Southern Bait Company
Coral Gables , Florida

One of the companies that used the Southern Bait Company name was located for a while in Savannah, Georgia. They manufactured a lure called the Tilton Porpoise. It was made of wood and had a fairly heavy lead weight in the nose. The lure has a very pleasing shape with smooth flowing lines. Southern Bait Company Tilton Porpoise

John Wyatt patent for Tilton Porpoise

At some point, Southern Bait Company moved to Coral Gables, Florida. The move must have been sometime after 1939, as a patent for a new version of the lure was granted to John L. Wyatt while he was still in Savannah.

Southern Bait Company Tilton Porpoise The new lure was made of plastic and had a different shape than the older wooden version. It also has a lead plate attached to the chin, which replaced the weighted nose of the original Tilton Porpoise..
A picture box for the lure refers to Tilton's New Porpoise Minnows. Perhaps the "new" refers to the change in material. The bait is described as The Minnow With Action and is said to be equally effective for fishing in fresh as in salt water.

Southern Bait Company Coral Gables, Florida
Southern Bait Company New Tilton Porpoise
A later version of the Tilton box shows a Miami, Florida address

Southern Bait Company New Tilton Porpoise
Southern Bait Company New Tilton Porpoise

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