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Joel C. Griner
Orlando, Florida

Joel C. Griner hand made wood lures in Orlando, Florida during the 1970's and 80's. Nearly all of his work was inspired by lures that had been made by other people. You could visit J.C. Griner and ask him to make a lure and he would fix you up with a dozen or so or most anything you wanted. His lures were usually made for fishing, but sometimes people would go to him with special requests. The copy of the Pflueger Surprise minnow shown here is a good example. Several dozen were commissioned by a couple of well known Florida lure collectors as Christmas gifts for their lure buddies.

J.C. Griner Surprise Minnow

J.C. Griner Lure Sample Display It is hardly possible to imagine all the different lure styles and colors that J.C. Griner ever made. His wife, Mae Griner, sent me the picture on the left showing part of his massive lure sample display. She also sent the page on the right, one of several, listing some of his lure names and color codes. J.C. Griner lure colors

J.C. Griner Orlando Shiner

J.C. Griner

One very popular J.C. Griner lure was a copy of Jim Pfeffer's Orlando Shiner. Mae Griner sent the picture on the right showing a school of unfinished shiners. As you can see, J.C. Griner did not make just one at a time.

J.C. Griner Orlando Shiners

J.C. Griner lure J.C. Griner lure J.C. Griner lure J.C. Griner lure
J.C. Griner made many lures in the style of Jim Pfeffer
J.C. Griner Lure J.C. Griner Lure J.C. Griner Lure J.C. Griner Lure
Miscellaneous J.C. Griner lures
J.C. Griner Lure J.C. Griner Business Card J.C. Griner Lure Envelope J.C. Griner Lure Packaging
Griner banana lure and business card Lures were packaged in manila envelopes
before being packaged in plastic bags.

We are always interested in adding to this collection. Please send an email if you have any old Griner baits for sale or trade.
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