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Dazzy Vance & Company
Homosassa Springs , Florida

Dazzy Vance threw a blazing fastball that got him into the Baseball Hall of Fame. He struck out more batters than any National League pitcher for seven consecutive seasons with the Brooklyn Dodgers. In 1924 he was the league's Most Valuable Player. Dazzy Vance
Homosassa Springs Hotel Vance moved his family to Homosassa Springs, Florida in the mid 1920's. It was only a couple of hours north of Clearwater, where the Dodgers had their Spring training camp. When Dazzy Vance retired from baseball in 1935, he made Homosassa Springs his permanent home. He had already bought the Homosassa Springs Hotel, and many of Vance's teammates would stay there during fishing visits. In the 1930's the hotel became a fishing and hunting sportsman's lodge. Vance spent much of his time guiding and entertaining visitors on hunting and fishing trips.
One of the visitors he entertained was Paul Manon, who operated Anglers Bait Company of Orlando, Florida. The two developed a friendship that grew into a business relationship in 1937. Their agreement called for Manon to make lures and use Dazzy Vance's name. The same baits that had been made by Anglers Bait Company were now being made as Dazzy Vance lures. The business relationship was short lived, as Paul Manon died in an automobile accident six months later. The remains of their fishing tackle business were apparently acquired by a new company operating as Tampa Bait and Tackle Company.
The Dazzy Vance 2000 Darter seen here is largely the same lure as the Pendulum No. 2000 made by Anglers Bait Company. It evolved into the Tampa 2000 Darter made by Tampa Bait and Tackle Company. Dazzy Vance Darter
Dazzy Vance's name was stenciled on the belly of many of the Manon made lures of Dazzy Vance & Company. It is only barely visible on this one. Belly stencil of Dazzy Vance Darter

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