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About Joe's Old Lures
Web Site

This web site is intended to be an information resource for others who share my interest in collecting old fishing tackle. Within the site you will find pictures of some of the lures in our collection. You will also find information about the tackle collecting hobby itself, including collector books, collector clubs, and other collector web sites. It is my hope that this information will help other collectors or might even inspire some to begin collecting.

All of the lures illustrated on these pages are taken from our collection. We are always looking to add lures to our collection, so send an email if you have something you are interested in selling.

Much of my appreciation for old fishing tackle can be traced back to the very fond memories that I have of fishing with my grandparents. My grandfather is pictured here on the left with some of his fishing buddies in front of a bait shop and store which he ran for many years in the Panhandle of Florida. I am proud to have a few of his old lures and, while they are not particularly valuable to other collectors, they are the prizes of my collection.

The hand painted 'Bait & Tackle' sign that hung for years on the side of this building now hangs above our fireplace and is the center piece of our collection.

The fish in the picture, by the way, are some very stout Florida Bream and Crappie, which were no doubt taken on a cane pole from the cypress trees of the Ocheesee Pond. Those rascals could flat pull a jon boat around. But that's a whole other story....

My wife Elizabeth and I started "accumulating" old fishing tackle around 1990. We belong to several antique fishing lure collector clubs and attend shows whenever possible. Our collecting interests are varied and have changed over time.

It is the fond recollection of days gone by, the pure passion for old lures, the excitement of discovery, the comraderie of fellow collectors, or maybe even the glitter of gold that inspires people to collect old fishing tackle. Find your own reason or, if none can be found, you can always go fishing.

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