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We Buy Antique Lures
For Our Collection

We are interested in buying antique lures for our collection. Our primary interest is lures by Florida makers, but we are interested in other things also, so don't be shy about asking. One company of particular interest is Al Foss. We are always looking for Al Foss or True Temper lures, boxes, and other materials that we need for our collection.

As for Florida lures, we are looking for lures, boxes, paperwork, advertising, display items, etc. It does not matter whether you have a single item or a whole collection. We'd like to hear about it.

These are some of the Florida lure makers that are of particular interest:

Alcoe Lure Company
Anglers Bait Company
Barracuda Brand
Bender & Flynn
Blue Spring Bait Company
Burney (Water Turkey Lures)
Chase Rod & Tackel
Frank "Frenchy" Chevalier
Costa Bait Company
Lonn Dandy Lures
Vic Densmore
Dixie Bait Company
Do-All Bait Company
Eger Bait Company
E.F. Flood Shiner
Florida Fishing Tackle Mfg
Florida Lakes Fishing Tackle
Four Tees Bait Company
Garland Brothers
Garvin Brothers
John Gerey
Earl Gresh Lures
Griner Baits
Paul Manon Lures
Johnny Marsh Baits
Orlando Bait Company
Bob Ousley
Pemberton Bait Company
Jim Pfeffer Baits
Porter Bait Company
H.O. Price
P.H. Rainey
Roane Baits
Robinson Bait Company
Ted Smallwood
Ben Smith Lures
Southern Bait Company
Super Strike Shrimp
Tampa Bait Company
Uncle Charlie
Dazzy Vance Lures
Pat Woodall
I have left a lot out, but you get the idea. We like Florida lures!

Let me know what you have. I am eager to buy and sometimes able to trade.

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