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Rare Fishing Lures & Tackle
From the collections of users of this web site

The pictures below were sent in by users of this web site. The piece of fishing tackle shown is among the rarest or the favorites of their collections.
Please feel free to send me a picture if you have a rare or favorite piece in your own collection and would like to see it added to this page.

I would like to limit this page to one picture per person, but there is an exception to that: if a lure pictured here changes hands
and is acquired by somebody who already has a picture, they will end up with more than one image on this page.

Click on any of the thumbnail images below to see a larger picture

Early Folkart Lures
John Etchieson

Shakespeare Lures
Kirk A.

Miscellaneous Creek Chubs
Kevin Witte

McHarg Spinner
Bob H.

Rare colored Midget Pikies
Keith Jones

Royston Shrimp
Bernie Schultz

Northern Tackle Flash Tail
Joe V.

Goldfish Pikie
Paul Schaefer

Goldfish Plunker
Matt Detrich

Herb Mills Crawdad
Robbie Pavey

Green Scale Heddon Lures
Harry Matthews

Joe Pepper National Minnow 1908
Joe Walkowski

900 Baby Pikie
Mike Bunker

Spanky McFarland Heddon 100
David Lindsay

Heddon Westchester Bug
Frank Cristao

Paw Paw Casters
Henry C. Norris

1918 Jamison Fly Rod Wiggler
Joe Nelson

Kimmich Special Mouse
Steve Kuchman

Early Ohio Lure
John Savu

"Kosmic" Spinner
Dean Smith (aka: Reelsmith)

Heddon 300
Gerald Garrett

Creek Chub #705 Pikie
John Elder

Creek Chub #700 Special
Robert Clark

Christmas Tree Bombers
Darwin Stewart

Silver Flash Wee Dee
Steve Craft

Tennessee Shad
Dan Mason

Creek Chub Bug Wiggler
John Greaney

Like Life Fish Bait
Jim Scouler

Shakespeare Bass Bug
Chad S

Moonlight 3-Hooker
Wesley Ooms

Baby TwinMinnow
Chris Labuz

Colmer Crab
Patrick Daradick

Miscellaneous Minnows
John Vandivier

Uncatalogued Leaping Lena
Doug Williams

Rhodes Casting Minnow
Dennis Wolfe

Heddon Depression Era Lures
Jason G

Donaly Diver
Jim Jordan

Unknown Minnow
Bob Vermillion

Allen Stripey Gamefishers
John Miller

F.S. Graves Spoons - Albany, NY
Tom Wight

Harper & Smith 1873 Spinner

Early Heddon Plastic
Steve Barrow

Jeanette Hawley "Mohawk" Bait
Paul Zoellner

Pre-Rapala Lures
Henrik Londen

Kirwan's Bad Egg

Rare Color Bass-Oreno
Peter Bernhart

Rainbow Fire Creek Chubs
Terry Bement

1903 Heddon Underwater Expert

Creek Chub Musky Wiggler
Frank Salazar

Heddon/Tryon Kingfisher Minnow

Mike Kerr

Moonlight Ladybugs
Ty VanDenBerg

Miscellaneous Lures
David Charette

Rare Color Paw Paw
Dean Karouzos

Creek Chub #2341 Pikie
Todd Grimes

Miscellaneous Lures
Bill Robinson

Arbogast Jitterbugs
Gibby Gibson

Heddon 300 Surface Minnow
Bill Roberts

Creek Chub Spinnered Sarasota
Rick Osterholt

SoCo Chief
Bob Hart

High Forehead Heddon 300
Jerry Pardus

Heddon 150 - Tough Color
Ray Hays

Rare Creek Chubs
Edwin Payne

Isle Royale Crippled Chub
Ken Hedmark

Rinehart Bass Buzzer
Doug Carpenter

Wright McGill Frogs
Neil Eddleman

Rare Creek Chubs
Doug Palmquist

Lowell Calkin Glass Frog
Gary W. Bryans, Jr.

1904 Rhodes Perfect Casting Minnow

Katchmore Shore's Shiners
Jon "Flatfish" Jones

Bernard of London's Superior Flexible Jointed Bait
Phillip Allen

Heddon #20 Underwater Minnow
Jason Hollerbush

Jamison Natural Frog Wiggler
Jim Dorr

Heddon Saltwater Baits
Bob Drozd

Porter Gator Bait
Larry Lucas

Colorado Floating Moths
Chris Darrah

Lake Hopatcong Minnow
Tim Clancy

Creek Chub #607 Wiggler
Brian Stuart

Bass-Oreno Blue Mullet Scale
Bob Moran

Ayer Bass Fly from Alabama

J.T. Buel Spinner
Bill Kennedy

The Hungry Jack
Ken Schneider

Tough Color Pikes
Richie Breault

Musky Surf-Oreno "BF"
Phil Kiefer

Frogscale Heddons
Kevin Richards

Heddon Big "O"
Dan Basore

Arbogast Jitterbugs
Bryant Copley

Harris Cork Frog
Kevin Clifford

Creek Chub Plastics
Don Grimm

Luminous Zinc Eye Crawler
Cary Field

Strike-Master Lures
Carl Schaum

Weller Classic #4
Harold Dickert

1906 Shakespeare Musky Minnow

Hinckley Lures & Boxes
Larry Moellman

1931 Colmer Pikie
Jason Halliday

Fred Nichols Perch
Dennis Williams

Buck's Plug Bug & CCBCo Plunker
Jack Looney

Jointed Husky Pikies
Ed Coffin

Tough Texas Lures
Rick Phillips

Tough Color Heddon Hi-Tail
Ben Brandstatter

Star of David Lure
Ernie Self

Pflueger 1894 Cloverleaf Minnow

Craig Rowe

Armax Minnow by Winchester
Ron Hanley

Oreno-Teaser in Coral Pattern
Marie Munson

Mark Stefan
Chubby Minnow

Kalamazoo Rhodes Minnow
Mike Gerhard

Artistic Minnow in Slate Finish
Gary E Neely

1800's J.T. Buel Lures
J.T. Jones

Clark Lures
Ron McKuin

Special Order Punkin Spins
Dale Caudell

Hosmer Frog & Box
Frank R. Baron

Shuff's Jack Snipe
Larry Jackson

CCBCo Intro Pikie & Box
Sam Bryant

CCBCo Humpback Plunkers
Don Rapose

Trumpetfish Lure
Gary Deppe

Kumms Fish Spotters
William Wazelle

Michigan Roller Flashers
Greg Skinner

Silver Herring Heddons
Jimmy Pettis

Rebel Poppers & Boxes
Ed Brown

River Runt Sinker in Special Color
Layne Wilkerson

McCormick/Shakespeare Mermaids
Pete Lellos

Heddon Tadpolly & Crab Wiggler
Jack Seedhouse

Bite Em Baits
Randy Nelson

Lockhart With Eyes
Andy Burachynski

Box for McCormick Mermaid
George Coopey

Heddons in "SS" Pattern

Cree Ducks
Chris Beger

Miscellaneous Lures
Todd Oliver

South Bend Fly-Oreno 12 Pack
Teal (Dr. Todd)

Hand Carved Wooden Sail Shark
Jack Bates

Rare Florida Lures
Lloyd Jett

Fancy Metal
Jim Schottenham

Fred Young Lures
Joe Damron

Lois & Thom Nefos

Creek Chub Lures
Kenneth Gouker

Wiese Wiggler
David Wiese

Heddon Flyrod Lures
Larry Wolfe

Strawberry Hellbenders
Chris Kieffer

Farmers Boogie Red Collection
Chris McMullin

Wham-O Mambo
Nancy Kenney

Hastings New Combination Wobbler
Mark Andrus

Miscellaneous Lures
Tim Johnson

Zane Grey Poster & Pflueger Hooks
Bob Peak

Garland Corkheads
Roger Dutcher

Heddon 4-Point Decoy
Vic Bjork

Creek Chub 100 Wiggler
Mike Hines

Shakespeare Kazoo Wobbler
Kirk G.

Paw Paw Bullheads
Dave Krantz

Water Turkeys & Crazy Swimmers
Damien G

Chippewa Skipper
Mike Damery

Welch & Graves Minnow Tube
Herb Proctor

Kinney Bird
Dennis McNulty

Sportsman's Lure Co.
Wiggling Minnows


Zink Screwtails
Roberta Hopkins

Kingfisher/Regal Plugbaits
Terry Oxley

George Bolton ABC Lures
Keith Zessin

Reel Lure (Oklahoma)
Phil Dawson

Muskie size Haskell Minnow
Dave Miner

"Leftie" Injured Minnow
Bob Johnston

Kostielny Chris Floater
Stew Onstott

South Bend Minnows & Panatellas
Ken VanDerlaske

Haas Liv-Minno & Beetle
Kirk Greer

The Sheik Metal Minnow
Dean Murphy

Creek Chub 119 Frog Wigglers
Mario Quintana

Heddon Artistic Minnows
Wayne Jansen

Early ABU Spinners
Steen Pedersen

Heddon Bat Wing Decoy
Bill Wazelle

Coach Dog Arbogasts
Kevin Birchfield

Heddon Chugger Spooks
Todd Long

Jim Pfeffer Lures
Luke Pemberton

Tough Color Creek Chubs
Dale Dalluhn

Coldwater Hell Divers
Joe Walkowski

The Nixon Family of Lures
Jack Bright

Smithwick SaltHorse
Bob Lane

Pflueger Luminous Crystal Minnow ca 1885
Michael Anderson

1905 Ketchum Plug
Harry Jones

Hosmer Frogs
Monte Schwartz

Heddon 150 - 3bw
Rick Gentry

Kurz Buck Skin Baits
Gary Michalsen

Glass Eye River Runt
Doug Ramey

Creek Chub Beetles
Robin Taylor

Alliance Mfg Co (Oh 1932) Wiggly Wiggler
Gary Hall

Heddon River Rint Spook
Jerry Graling

Shakespeare Revolution
Shem Lambert

Musky Rush Tangos and
high forehead Heddon 100
Barry Watson

Folk Art
Allen Miramontes

Heddon River Runtie
Ken Brown

Heddon 300
Jon "Flatfish" Jones

Pflueger Maybug
Dale Berkland

Midget Pike Orenos
Herb Windhorst

Musky Keeling Expert
Rick Hutton

Creek Chub 100 Wiggler
Dustin Lucas

Rare Bomber
Terry Yorker

Mather Frog
Don Wheeler

Miscellaneous Lures
Bill Chambers

Heddon 300 Six Hooker
Robert Farris

Shakespeare Slim Jim
Jim Viviano

Creek Chub
Western Auto Dingbat
David Haubrich

Heddon 150
Rino D

Tack Eye Lucky 13 Spook
Sheridan Kirksey

Heddon #00 Special
Paul Zoellner

AL&W Perfect Casting Minnow
made by Creek Chub/Shur Strike

Merrick Burr

Brown's Sock-O Lure
Bob Halver

Shakespeare Barnacle Bill
Mike Pokone

Heddon No Snag Runt N9119P RH

Layne Wilkerson

Nif-T Plug
Cynthia Williams

The Chippewa Bait
Erik Spengler

Heddon Basser and CCB Dingbat
Steve Bodeen

Martin Shrimp
Jerry Martin

Old Glory Hook & Dozen Box
Mike Frome

Heddon Musky 370 SOS Minnows
John Kolbeck

Heddon Deluxe Red Scale Tiny Tease
Bud Chaddock

Heddon Wooden Tail Batwing Ice Decoy
Frank Baron

Heddon Green Crackleback Lures
Martin Clark

Heddon No Snag River Runt
Dennis McNulty

Robert Strassburg

ALW wood box and bait circa 1900-1910
Dale Van De Voort

Millsite Daily Doubles, Rattlebug,
and Ultra Light Paddle Bug
Chris McDaniels

Heddon Crazy Crawlers
in Flitter Finish
Chris Howell

Heddon 009A
With Correct Box
Tom Witte

Creek Chub 6431 Tiny Tim
Chris Larrow

non-ABU marked 5000
Fred Ribb

Heddon Punkinseeds
Jim Boswell

Pre-1900 Pflueger Metal
Steve Twitty

Davies, Hendryx,
Briggs Lead-In Minnow Traps

Brent Rossman

Pre-Pflueger H&C Surprise Bait w/box
Jim Hall

South Bend Orenos
Neil Eddleman

"NIB" "Special" order #611 Husky Musky in correct box
Steve Brown

Shakespeare Floating Favorites
Greg Johnson

Bomber Baits
Wayne Dionne

Frank Brown surface floating propeller lure, c1924
Chuck Sanders

Wilson Hastings Staggerbug
Dave Howe

Jim Pfeffer Sunfish
Robert Pitman III

Blue Millsite Spin E Bee
Kent Hall

Glass Eye Gamefisher
Mike Perate

Canada's Lucky Strike Bait Works
The Early Years
Matt Livings

Miscellaneous Metal
Mike Potthier

"Surface Minnow" by Tom Shepherd of Colon, MI.  c.1910
Dan Ross

Heddon Conetail Crazy Crawlers
Bill Whitesell

Lovelace Breathing Minnow
Bill Bailey

110s-34 colors
Don Messerly

Shakespeare Strike-Its in
an Anglin' Jake tackle box
Jay Folsom

Keeling Lures & Boxes
Joe Long

Salt Water Hellbenders
Charlie Sampson

Creek Chub Wigglefish
Chuck Arnold

Creek Chub Husky Musky
Shawn Werndle

Rainbow Pattern Heddon Lures
Glen Brewton

Vann-Clay Retrievable Minnows
Bill Wazelle

George D. Horst - Ceramic Crawdad
Seattle, WA circa 1935-1955
Jim Thum

Miscellaneous Lures
Daniel Turlington

Creek Chub Prototype Frog
Rolly Brunet

Point Sporting Goods
Roy "Larry" Fonk

Wood Glass Eyed Lucky Louie's
Rick Vaughan

Heddon River Runt Spooks
Azlan Ahmad

AL&W glass eye plastic
"yellow shore" Pikie
Joseph E. Manduke III

Jim Pfeffer Lures
Stephen Rampersad

A Shool of River Rustlers
Chris Ottney

Early Paw Paw Bait Co. Hair Mice & Advertising Display
Dave Roth


Heddon 1309R Black Sucker
Masafumi Nomura

Dunk's Surface Twin
Tom Petkewitz

Black Shore Crazy Crawler
Jim DiLorenzo

Heddon 100 &
Pontiac Minnow
Jason Brandt

Double Metal Fish by
Leidesdorff of Gothenburg
Mike Elsworth

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