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General Information
About Our Old Lure Collection

Collecting old fishing tackle is a family hobby at our house, as my wife Elizabeth and I both collect. Our interests have changed over the years and are likely to change again. We once had a passion for certain Heddon lures, such as Crazy Crawlers, Bassers, and some others. We also enjoyed Al Foss and other miscellaneous lures. While we still have most of those lures, we are much less active in looking for additions to those collections. Our main passion anymore is lures by Florida makers. You will find pictures of many of those lures, as well as those of other companies, on this web site.

We try to have fun with the hobby and recognize that we can't have every lure that comes along. We just try to enjoy the ones that we do have and we hope that you will enjoy having a look at some of them.

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