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Frequently Asked Questions
About The Message Board

Here is a brief explanation of some of the questions you may have
about the bulletin board at Joe's Old Lures:

What is considered appropriate for this board?
What is considered inappropriate for this board?
Why did I get an "Inappropriate Message Warning"?
Why is "ebay" not appropriate here?
Why did I get a "You have been banned" Message?
Can I use HTML tags anywhere in my posts?
Why didn't my post show up?
How do I post pictures?

What is considered appropriate for this board?

This bulletin board is for the discussion of topics related to collecting antique fishing tackle only. Messages that are not relevant to that general area will be deleted. Messages should also be of a nature that is of interest to the general collecting community.

What is considered inappropriate for this board?

The board is about antique fishing lures and tackle. Anything not related to this topic is not appropriate.

Anyone posting on the board must use their first and last names. Nicknames are fine, but only if they accompany a real first and last name. Posts that do not include names will be deleted.

It is expected that everyone who uses this board will behave in a polite manner and be respectful of others who use the board. Abusive, obscene, or threatening language is not appropriate and will not be tolerated.

This board is not intended as a "one on one" communication medium. That is what e-mail or the telephone is for. If you have problems with or criticism of another person, this is not the place to air your laundry. Please take it somewhere else.

Posts about hunting, guns, bullets, bows & arrows, dead animals, etc. are not appropriate and not welcome.
Guns may not be sold or displayed on the board at all.

Posts of a commercial nature are not appropriate for this board. Please do not advertise your business or products or services provided by your business.

Ebay advertisements and links are not appropriate. I do not want to see anything on the board that is on Ebay.

Repainted lures and reproduction lures are harmful to the collecting hobby and are not welcome on the message board. Per the policies of a couple of the lure collector clubs that I belong to, reproductions are defined as: items that are made by someone other than the original maker of the item and are intended to appear identical, nearly identical, or extremely similar to the original item. An exception is made for commercially manufactured items that are produced and distributed by companies who have legal trademark and/or patent rights to produce and distribute such products.

Please do not re-post content that is already on the board. Wait until the original message has rolled off the board before re-posting the same information.

I am an avid fisherman, but this is not a fishing message board and fishing posts that are not related to antique fishing tackle will be deleted. If I let you post pictures of your catch I have to let everyone else post pictures of their catch. At that point it is no longer a message board about antique fishing tackle and that is not going to happen.

Inappropriate messages will be deleted from this board. Repeat offenders will be banned from using the board.

Why did I get an "Inappropriate Message Warning"?

You received this warning because you tried to post something that was not appropriate for this message board. This most often happens when people attempt to post messages containing cuss words or obscenities. Please keep in mind that many other people, including children, use this board. If you want to say something that is not very nice, please say it somewhere else.

Why is "ebay" not appropriate here?

Ebay conversation is not appropriate for this board and will be deleted. I have nothing against Ebay. I have bought and sold there many times in the past and will likely do so again in the future. There are many reasons why Ebay messages are not allowed here. These are just a few of them:

* They contain "dated" information. As such, they consume board space & increase maintenance
* The board is intended to facilitate exchanges on the board rather than off the board
* Ebay ads are boring
* I don't really care to spend money providing this board in order to support Ebay's business

Ebay advertisements and links are not appropriate. I do not want to see anything on the board that is on Ebay.

Why did I get a "You have been banned" message?

Your IP address has been banned from posting on the board. That usually happens because you did something bad and I don't want you posting on the board anymore. It might have happened because you attempted to post to the board using an anonymous proxy server. My experience is that most people who access this board from anonymous proxy servers come here with bad intentions so I will ban every one I can identify.

This is a short list of folks about whom I have received complaints that have led me to take action to limit their ability to use this web site.

Can I put HTML tags anywhere in my posts?

No. You can not use HTML tags in any field except the body of the message.

Why didn't my post show up?

Your post most likely did not show up, because your browser did not reload the page, it simply pulled it out of cache. Please reload your browser and it should then appear. It might also be necessary to empty your brower's cache. As the procedure for doing this varies by browser, use the "help" information provided by your particular browser for specific instructions.

How do I post pictures?

In order to post a picture, the image file must reside on a web-attached server. Unlike e-mail, you can not post pictures that are only on your local PC. There are many free or pay sites that will host pictures for you. Be aware some some free hosting services do not allow images they host to be linked to remotely. Chances are that your ISP ( Internet Service Provider) offers you a free web site. You can also use that as a place to upload and reference your pictures.

Once you have a place to host your pictures, it is fairly simple to make them appear with your message. At the bottom of the Post Message dialog is a box labeled "Optional Image Link:". Simply type or paste the full path to the image file into the space provided. As an example, let's say that you have an image file called testpic.jpg and it is located in the /auction directory of a website called It this case you would put this into the space provided. Please note that the path to the image must include http:// at the beginning.

Another way to display an image is to use HTML commands in the text area of your message. You can use HTML to post more than one image with your message. Simply enter the HTML right into the message body area. Here is an example:

<br><img src="">
<br><img src=""><br>

The <br> codes in the above example will cause a line feed and will help keep your images and text from running together.

Send e-mail to with questions or comments about this web site.
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