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Heddon Lures
Heddon Crazy Crawler Series

Heddon introduced the Crazy Crawler in 1940 after acquiring the patent rights for the 'WOW' from the Donaly company. Many of the first Crazy Crawlers produced by Heddon utilized some of the hardware left over from the Donaly manufacturing operation. The lure was designed as a surface bait and was intended to resemble a small bird.

The Heddon Crazy Crawler was manufactured in several sizes and styles. While most of the lures had painted eyes, some were manufactured with painted tack (zinc) eyes. One of the more rare body styles was a pointed "conetail" body. Crazy Crawlers were made of wood and later made of plastic. All of the ones shown here are wood and were made with the early Donaly or 2-piece hardware.

#2100 Series Crazy Crawlers

#2120 Series Crazy Crawlers


#2150 Series Crazy Crawlers

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