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Southern Bait Company
Ormond , Florida

Another of the companies that used the Southern Bait Company name was located in Ormond, Florida. Very little is known about the company at this time other than the fact that they were Manufacturers of Fine Fishing Lures Since 1929.

Southern Bait Company - Ormond, Florida

We do know the names of some of the lures made by Southern Bait Company of Ormond. Among their baits were the Natural Shrimp, May West, Fish Hawk, Popeye Frog, Florida Shiner, and the Needle Fish. They also made spinning lures named Casting Midget, Little Jerk, Little Porpoise, and Midget Torpedo.

I do not know the names of either of the lures shown on the right. The bottom lure is obviously patterned after the popular Eger Dillinger.

Lures made by the Southern Bait Company of Ormond, Florida were packaged in plastic top cardboard boxes. A point of sale card for a dozen May West pier baits has also been seen.

Southern Bait Company - Ormond, Florida

Southern Bait Company - Ormond, Florida

Southern Bait Company Pier Baits
Souther Bait Company Fish Hawk Pier Baits Southern Bait Company May West Pier Baits
Southern Bait Company - Fish Hawk Southern Bait Company - May West

It should be noted that Florida Fishing Tackle Manufacturing Company of St. Petersburg, Florida made a very popular pier bait which was named the May Wes. No doubt, Southern Bait Company's May West name was a play on that. The lures have a similar design.

We are always interested in adding to this collection. Please send an email if you have any old Southern Bait Company lures or boxes for sale or trade.
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